Are you an author or publisher and would like to go on tour with TheWriteReads? Check below for more info!

For Authors:

Ultimate Blog Tour

Ca. 50+ Bloggers / reviewers involved
Tour lasts from ca. 2  to 3 weeks
Price: 400 Euros

Standard Blog Tour

Ca. 20+ bloggers / reviewers involved
Tour lasts for ca. 7 - 10 days
Price: 200 Euros

Mini Blog Tour

Ca. 10+ bloggers / reviewers involved
Tour lasts for ca. 5 days
Price: 100 Euros

Authors understand and agree that the number of bloggers are approximations and may vary, and that some reviewers may withdraw for reasons beyond our control.
Authors understand that reviews will be honest and are not guaranteed to be positive.
Authors understand that some reviewers may decide to post a 'spotlight/content' post rather than a review.

For Publishers:

Please contact us for more info and to arrange exclusive packages.

We would love to hear from you via DM on Twitter or via email! Just send an email to and we'll be happy to help!