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Balancing Entropy by M.H. Cali & Laurie Ya

Tour dates: Delayed (Dates TBA)

Age/Genre: Romance/Mystery/Suspense

Format(s): Epub, PDF, Physical

When life catches up with young and brilliant investment banker Lucas Blake in the form of anonymous threats, his existence is exactly what he always wished it could be.

Or is it really?

He can barely remember what his true aspirations looked like a decade ago. All he knows now is that everything he worked so hard to build could crash down in a split second if whoever is blackmailing him decides to act on it.

To make matters more complicated, the team he ends up hiring to silently find the culprit of those menaces includes Raven Collins. A woman Lucas lost touch with, but who he still can't get out of his head completely even years after having met her.

As the race to keep him out of harm's ways unfolds, he enters a journey of self-discovery that might very well make him question the core of his life choices.

When greed, power, and old ideals pair together within a perfect storm is it possible to come out of it unscathed? Can one's principles thrive in a system that seems to bend even the strongest minded to its will?

Lucas and Raven are about to find out for themselves.

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BBNYA Mini Blog Tour  in association with The Write Reads and The Folio Society:

Ghosts of Mars by Stuart White

Tour dates: May 23rd to May 27th

Age/Genre: Childrens, MG/Sci-Fi

Format(s): Ebook

Mars. 2045. 13-year-old Eva, the first Martian, will risk everything to save her dad.

Fame, Type 1 diabetes and a sarcastic AI companion haunt her, but when her dad goes missing on the red planet, she must overcome the 'Ghosts of Mars' to save him.

The Martian for middle-grade, full of science, friendship and adventure.

With a Type 1 Diabetic main character, Ghosts of Mars explores how life beyond Earth, and the fame and scrutiny that come with it, affects the young people involved, who didn't sign up for life on Mars. Ten percent of author profits go to Diabetes UK. 

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Blog Tour:

The Story of Evil by Tony Johnson

Tour dates: May 27th to June 3rd

Age/Genre: Adult/Epic Fantasy

Format(s): Ebook, Physical

Heroes of the Siege 

During an entertaining jousting tournament, a mysterious villain attacks the capital with his army. Three young adults decide to fight back against insurmountable odds despite knowing their slim chances of survival.

Follow Stephen Brightflame, a nineteen-year-old who aspires to become a knight, Tyrus Canard, an arrogant warrior, and Kari Quinn, a Halfling archer in this first volume in the five-part series, "The Story of Evil." 

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Ultimate Blog Tour in association with Neem Tree Press:

Belly Woman by Benjamin Black

Tour dates: May 30th to June 10th

Age/Genre: Non-Fiction

Format(s): Ebook, Physical


May, 2014. Sierra Leone is ranked the country with the highest death rate of pregnant women in the world. The same month, Ebola crosses in from neighbouring Guinea. Arriving a few weeks later, Dr Benjamin Black finds himself at the centre of an exponential Ebola outbreak. From impossible decisions on the maternity ward to moral dilemmas at the Ebola Treatment Centres. One mistake, one error of judgment, could spell disaster.

An eye-opening work of reportage and advocacy, Belly Woman chronicles the inside journey through an unfolding global health crisis and the struggle to save the lives of young mothers. As Black reckons with the demons of the past, he must try to learn the lessons for a different, more resilient, future.

"A must-read for our times – riveting, illuminating and humbling."– Aminatta Forna, author of The Memory of Love and The Devil That Danced on the Water

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Blog Tour:

Secrets of the Deep by Marisa Noelle

Tour dates: June 10th to June 16th

Age/Genre: YA/Fantasy, Myth, Romance

Format(s): Ebook, Physical


Beneath the moonlit waves, Cordelia’s heart races with a secret love that could shatter the ocean realm…

Haunted by the loss of her twin brother, Cordelia vows to face her fear of water. Entering the ocean for the first time in five years, Cordelia discovers she is a mermaid, and that the ocean is alive with marine shapeshifters, and not all of them are friendly.

Embroiled in the middle of an ancient curse which traps her kin beneath the surface, the merfolk entrust Cordelia with a magical relic that may be the key to their freedom. But a seductive danger emerges; the selachii—elusive shark shapeshifters—driven to claim the artifact at any cost.

As Cordelia navigates dangerous threats both on land and in the sea, an old flame materializes from the shadows and her heart becomes entangled in a web of forbidden love that she cannot walk away from. But who exactly is Wade? Where has he been for the last five years and how does he know so much about the ocean’s secrets? 

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BBNYA Mini Blog Tour  in association with The Write Reads and The Folio Society:

Wrath of Olympus by E.M. Kkoulla

Tour dates: June 10th - June 17th

Age/Genre: Adult/Fantasy

Format(s): Ebook

The Roman Empire never fell.

The Gods are real.

Ships are alive.

In the Province of Britannia, ruled by descendants of King Arthur and on the brink of an industrial revolution, young Maia Abella is on the run. Something unseen has murdered her cruel mistress and she’s being blamed.

The streets and factories of Portus are no place for a friendless girl, trapped in events beyond her control. The city authorities and the Royal Navy are both desperate to find her - one investigating a killer, the other to recruit her, while the deadly legacy of a tragic past stalks her every step.

Aided by Raven, an ancient, blind Mage with a terrible secret and Milo, Crown Agent and spy, Maia must discover and overcome the fatal consequences of her birth. Meanwhile, the Gods are making their moves. And not all of them are friendly.

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Ultimate Blog Tour in association with Neem Tree Press:

The Light Between Us by Elaine Chiew

Tour dates: June 24th to June 30th

Age/Genre: Adult/Southeast Asian Historical Romance

Format(s): Ebook, Physical

The Light Between Us is a Southeast Asian historical romance that defies time and space as an archivist explores Singapore’s tumultuous past through a supernatural connection.

At work one night, photography archivist Charlie Sze-Toh receives a misdirected letter from Wang Tian Wei, a 1920s colonial era Chinese photographer. Through a mysterious digital folder and photographic plates, a conversation is sparked, leading to a romance that spans lifetimes.

In his time, Tian Wei scours a turbulent Singapore for his missing friend, Aiko, leading him to the perfumed chambers of a Japanese brothel. Meanwhile, in the modern day, Charlie struggles against a family dynamic dominated by her stepmother, a manipulative matriarch who uses family secrets as bargaining chips. Communication starts to become difficult and Tian Wei’s letters are tinged by the increasing threat of Japanese Occupation. Will one last fate-defying letter from Charlie allow Tian Wei to keep their love alive?

Inspired by her research into Singaporean historical archives, Elaine Chiew weaves Chinese mythology and early 20th century colonial Singapore into this speculative epic.

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Ultimate Blog Tour in association with Neem Tree Press:

The Book of Perilous Dishes written by Doina Rusti and translated by James Christian Brown

Tour dates: June 26th to July 3rd

Age/Genre: Adult & YA/Dark Adventure, Folklore, Fantasy

Format(s): Ebook, Physical

Historical fiction meets fantasy in The Book of Perilous Dishes, a playful tale of dark magic and epic adventure that traverses Europe at the turn of the 18th century.

Bucharest. 1798. A year full of intrigue and political machinations. Master chef Silica reigns supreme, sought after by all. His cooking is sublime, satisfying even the sophisticated tastes of the Greek Prince, who steals him from his rightful owner and installs him in his Palace.

Little does anyone know that Silica guards the magical Book of Perilous Dishes, filled with recipes with the power to brew potent elixirs of truth, shroud minds in forgetfulness, unveil the future with eerie precision, and provoke bouts of uncontrollable laughter.

When 14-year-old Pâtca, steeped in the occult arts, embarks on a mission to recover her family's recipe book, she discovers her uncle murdered and a map that needs deciphering. As she embarks on an adventure across Romania, France, and Germany, her journey unveils family secrets that unearth history, weave magic, and unite destinies.

Written by an award-winning author of contemporary Romanian literature, Doina Rusti, and translated by Bucharest-based English professor, James Christian Brown. 

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