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Balancing Entropy by M.H. Cali & Laurie Ya

Tour dates: Delayed (Dates TBA)

Age/Genre: Romance/Mystery/Suspense

Format(s): Epub, PDF, Physical

When life catches up with young and brilliant investment banker Lucas Blake in the form of anonymous threats, his existence is exactly what he always wished it could be.

Or is it really?

He can barely remember what his true aspirations looked like a decade ago. All he knows now is that everything he worked so hard to build could crash down in a split second if whoever is blackmailing him decides to act on it.

To make matters more complicated, the team he ends up hiring to silently find the culprit of those menaces includes Raven Collins. A woman Lucas lost touch with, but who he still can't get out of his head completely even years after having met her.

As the race to keep him out of harm's ways unfolds, he enters a journey of self-discovery that might very well make him question the core of his life choices.

When greed, power, and old ideals pair together within a perfect storm is it possible to come out of it unscathed? Can one's principles thrive in a system that seems to bend even the strongest minded to its will?

Lucas and Raven are about to find out for themselves.

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Ultimate Blog Tour in association with Neem Tree Press:

Welcome to Dorley Hall by Alyson Anne

Tour dates: July 18th to July 27th

Age/Genre: Adult/Sci-Fi, Alternative History, Crime, Mystery

Format(s): Ebook, Physical

What if the only way to fix toxic masculinity were to erase it entirely?

Mark Vogel is like the older brother Stefan never had, but one day he disappears without a trace. A year later, after encountering a woman who looks near-identical to Mark, Stefan becomes obsessed. He finds that dozens of young men have disappeared over the years, many of them students at the Royal College of Saint Almsworth, and most of them troubled or unruly. Why are students going missing? Who are these women who bear striking resemblances to them? And what is their connection to the selective student accommodation on the edge of campus, Dorley Hall?

Stefan starts studying at Saint Almsworth for one reason and one reason only: to find out exactly what happened to the women who live at Dorley Hall, and to get it to happen to him, too.

An electrifying début by Alyson Greaves, Welcome to Dorley Hall is an intense exploration of gender and society that will appeal to readers of Torrey Peters, Imogen Binnie and Gretchen Felker-Martin.  

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BBNYA Mini Blog Tour  in association with The Write Reads and The Folio Society:

Legacy of the Brightwash by Krystle Matar

Tour dates: July 15th - July 22nd

Age/Genre: Adult/Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Steampunk

Format(s): Ebook

Follow the law and you’ll stay safe. But what if the law is wrong? 

Tashué’s faith in the law is beginning to crack. Three years ago, he stood by when the Authority condemned Jason to the brutality of the Rift for non-compliance. When Tashué’s son refused to register as tainted, the laws had to be upheld. He’d never doubted his job as a Regulation Officer before, but three years of watching your son wither away can break down even the strongest convictions.

Then a dead girl washed up on the bank of the Brightwash, tattooed and mutilated. Where had she come from? Who would tattoo a child? Was it the same person who killed her? Why was he the only one who cared?

Will Tashué be able to stand against everything he thought he believed in to get the answers he’s looking for?

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BBNYA Mini Blog Tour  in association with The Write Reads and The Folio Society:

The Reanimator's Heart by Kara Jorgensen

Tour dates: July 29th - August 5th

Age/Genre: Adult/Historical Fantasy

Format(s): Ebook

A reluctant necromancer, a man killed before his time, and the crime that brings them together.

Felipe Galvan’s life as an investigator for the Paranormal Society has been spent running into danger. Returning home from his latest case, Felipe struggles with the sudden quiet of his life until a mysterious death puts him in the path of the enigmatic Oliver Barlow.

Oliver has two secrets. One, he has been in love with the charming Felipe Galvan for years. Two, he is a necromancer, but to keep the sensible life he’s built as a medical examiner, he must hide his powers. That is until Oliver finds Felipe murdered and accidentally brings him back from the dead.

But Felipe refuses to die again until he and Oliver catch his killer. Together, Felipe and Oliver embark on an investigation to uncover a plot centuries in the making. As they close in on his killer, one thing is certain: if they don’t stop them, Felipe won’t be the last to die.

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Ultimate Blog Tour in association with Aladdin (Simon & Schuster):

The Legendary Mo Seto by A.Y. Chan

Tour dates: July 31st to August 9th

Age/Genre: MG/Action

Format(s): Ebook, Physical

A fast-paced, high-kicking debut that’s Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon meets Stand Up, Yumi Chung as a young taekwondo artist uses an ancient book to help save her dreams—and her father.

Twelve-year-old Modesty “Mo” Seto dreams of being a taekwondo champion. Even though her mom disapproves, Mo can always count on her dad, who is her number one fan and biggest supporter. Lately, Mo has been on a losing streak, and it doesn’t help that she keeps losing to her archnemesis, Dax, who’s much bigger than her. If only she were faster, stronger, not so petite. Mo can’t even lean on her dad like usual with how distracted he’s been lately.

When Mo learns about the chance to audition to star alongside her idol and legendary martial artist and movie star Cody Kwok, she knows this her chance to prove to her dad, to the world, and to herself that she can compete with anyone, no matter her size. Unfortunately, Dax is auditioning, too. As Mo and her nemesis progress to callbacks, someone attempts to sabotage the movie set and Mo’s dad disappears—and both events seem linked to a mysterious book, the Book of Joy.   

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Ultimate Blog Tour in association with Neem Tree Press:

Scareground by Angela Kecojevic

Tour dates: August 2nd to August 11th

Age/Genre: MG/Horror, Fantasy

Format(s): Ebook, Physical

Roll up, roll up, the Scareground is in town!

Adopted by a family of bakers, 12-year-old orphan Nancy Crumpet’s life is a delightful mix of flour, salt, and love, yet her mind is brimming with questions no one can answer. Where are her birth parents? Why must she keep her mysterious birthmark hidden? And why are all the adults terrified of the fairground?

Faced with an opportunity to enter the Scareground, Nancy and her best friend discover a place of dark magic, where rides come to life and there’s a mystery around every corner. When she meets the fair’s sinister owner, Skelter, Nancy faces secrets more horrifying than she could ever have imagined.


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Blog Tour:

Generations by Noam Josephides

Tour dates: August 5th - August 11th

Age/Genre: Adult/Sci-Fi, Mystery, Detective

Format(s): Ebook, Physical


"Thought-provoking, innovative and brimming with emotional depth!" - SciFi Zone 5-star Review

For eight generations, the Thetis has been a peaceful haven, carrying the last remnants of humanity on a journey to resettle on a new planet. Nearing its final destination, Thetis is seemingly a Utopia: egalitarian, tolerant and united. A society ready for a new beginning.

But when a strange extortion attempt targets the ship's leader, that idyllic façade begins to crack. And when SANDRINE LIET, the introvert Archivist tasked with investigating the case starts poking around – the prime suspect mysteriously disappears.

Nobody disappears on the Thetis.

Sandrine is pulled into a web of intrigue and deception, sending her on a direct collision course with the most powerful people on the Thetis. Every step she takes, her suspicions of a grand and far-reaching conspiracy grow - as are the personal consequences for her future if she keeps pursuing the investigation. 

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Ultimate Blog Tour in association with Neem Tree Press:

Anticipation by Neil Taylor

Tour dates: August 5th to August 14th

Age/Genre: YA/Thriller

Format(s): Ebook, Physical (UK)

You are being played.

Your every move is being watched by businesses hoping to manipulate your behaviour. Every picture, every post, every like, every follow, every purchase, every search.

When 17-year-old Riya Sudame inherits her father’s secret AI algorithm, she and a handful of carefully selected Keyholders hold the power to predict people’s future using their online data. But with great power comes great responsibility, and they must safeguard it from falling into the wrong hands.

Enter Jim Booker, a powerful social media tycoon, who will stop at nothing to steal the technology for himself. Soon Riya faces a critical choice. Fighting ruthless tech giants seems like an impossible task—wouldn’t it be easier to relinquish her father’s creation in exchange for a normal teenage life?

But if she does, she will have to live with the knowledge that she is the reason that, like everyone, you are being played.

Neil Taylor marks his debut in this dark, twisty AI YA thriller.   

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Ultimate Blog Tour in association with Neem Tree Press:

No Funeral for Nazia by Taha Kehar

Tour dates: August 12th to August 21st

Age/Genre: YA/Contemporary, Fiction

Format(s): Ebook, Physical

Nazia Sami is a celebrated author, but perhaps her greatest plot twist is yet to be produced.

In her final days, she wields a pen one last time as she fills her diary with instructions for her sister, Naureen, and writes six letters to be delivered after her death.

There is to be no funeral for Nazia. Instead, only six invitees are asked to attend a party, one of whom is a mystery guest. Over the course of an extraordinary evening, secrets are revealed, pasts reconsidered, and lives are forever changed.

Perfect for fans of MOHSIN HAMID and KAMILA SHAMSIE, No Funeral for Nazia is a striking and inventive exploration of what death can mean for both the deceased and those left behind. 

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